After Piranesi

With a love for all things 18th century, I am naturally drawn to the creative genius that was Piranesi and remain hugely inspired by his legacy. I adore his courage and concept of ornament, his inventive spirit and maximalist style. I admire his argument for the complete freedom of the architect or designer to draw on models from every time and place as an inspiration for his own inventions. This resonates with me hugely as an Artist, in the need to remain open to the ‘discovery of new ornaments and new ways’, whilst learning from the old.

My work made for the exhibition seeks to reference Piranesi’s highly decorative and ‘elaborate pastiche’ style: the hand built forms are realised from his series of etchings, each vase playfully explores and exaggerates ornamentation from his artworks, attempting to capture some of the creativity and imagination as demonstrated by the visionary himself.

Images by Ester Segarra.