Vase & Cover

‘Vase & Cover’ my ceramic installation for London Design Festival 2018,  15th September – 29th October, Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Rm 141, 6th Floor at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

A re imagined series of ceramic garnitures adorning the gallery over doors, these ambiguous forms are 18th century vases in playful masquerade. The serendipitous shapes are abstractions from an ink pen drawing of an 18th century museum objet, realised in the 3D and expressed in clay.

Grogged stoneware, white glazed interior, cobalt blue exterior, gold leaf edge.

Various sizes, approx 60 x 50cm. Drawing taken from Museum object 781A-1882; ‘Vase & Cover’, Sèvres, 1780, soft-paste porcelain, room 143, Case 8, shelf 1.